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Using Fotos
From This Site or the "Newark USA" Blog

There are hundreds of fotografs of Newark, New Jersey (and a few of its environs) on this website and its associated fotoblog. Except where otherwise credited, all of these fotos belong to me, L. Craig Schoonmaker. I am happy to have others use them in appropriate ways, under certain reasonable conditions.

Noncommercial Use

Anyone may use these fotos, online or in hardcopy, without payment of a fee, for personal, noncommercial, and nonprofit purposes, such as school reports or educational websites. I would, however, appreciate a foto credit, for instance, "Photo [or, my preference, "Foto"] courtesy of L. Craig Schoonmaker". In Internet use, a hyperlink to the relevant online source (this website or the fotoblog) should also be provided. For instance, "Foto courtesy of L. Craig Schoonmaker". I regret that I cannot alter a foto, as to a higher resolution or larger size, for unpaid uses. If you can use the foto in the form it appears in online, that's fine.

Commercial Use

Businesses may use foto/s if terms are acceptable as regards payment and intended use. These are not stock fotos and are not available on mass-produced CD's.  Many are very recent, so have not recouped their costs in time, effort, and the service fees charged by my Internet service providers. Few fotografers are working in this subject area, so there is no glut of fotos for businesses to choose from. Since I am not an established, big-name fotografer, however, my fees are modest, especially if you can simply accept the foto at the size it appears in online. If I need to devote time to altering a foto from its online form (as, for instance, to provide a higher-resolution or larger image, or a hard-copy image rather than electronic data file), the charge will be commensurately higher. (There will also be a delay in getting a hardcopy foto out by mail or overnite courier service, the charges for which would have to be paid by the purchaser, in advance.) But the costs would still be modest, as original fotografy goes.

The use to which a foto will be put (e.g., Web display, color brochure) and, if hardcopy, the number of copies to be made will affect the (modest) price.

Please contact me at with your requirements, specifying foto(s) of interest by online location, subject, and caption, if any. I do not have an online merchant account, so cannot accept credit or debit cards either online or by fone. Payment should be by check or money order in the name of "L. Craig Schoonmaker" and dispatched to 295 Smith Street, Newark, NJ 07106-2517. Materials will be dispatched when funds clear.

Purchasers receive a limited license, for use of a foto. Ownership of the foto for other uses, or for sale to other users, will remain with me unless I agree to sign over all my rights for appropriate compensation.

Any business that would like to license my fotos for calendars, postcards, T-shirts, or other materials for sale to the wide diaspora of former Newarkers, to Newark-based businesses, etc., will receive special consideration, but if that is to be done as other than a joint venture, we would have to enter into a royalty arrangement to adjust for ongoing sales. Let's do lunch.

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