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Other Websites of Interest

We present here links to websites that provide information of value to people who want to know more about Newark USA. They are arranged in the chronological order in which they have been of help to this site and/or asked to be listed.

[Newark -- Better Every Day graphic], an enormous site with many pages of information, photos, articles, and links to yet other sources of information. The site is so large that it's a bit hard to find what you most want. Perhaps you will see ways to help them make their vast store of information more readily accessible to visitors. graciously permitted us to use a couple of its photos.

[Atrium, Newark Museum]The Newark Museum, a beautiful site about New Jersey's premier cultural fortress. The Museum has been generous with encouragement and with illustrations for our site.

[Newark Downtown District logo]Newark Downtown District, a comprehensive guide to places and events Downtown.



[Mortgage Calculator's logo] is a website by means of which people interested in buying a house (townhouse, condominium, etc.) can get an idea of how much their monthly payment would be. The figure is for mortgage principal and interest; it does not include the "escrow portion", by means of which a mortgage servicer pays property taxes, homeowner's insurance, etc., for you so you don't get separate bills. If you put in less than 20% of the value of the property as your down payment, this calculator will include PMI, a type of mortgage insurance. If you put in more than 20% of the value of the property as down payment, it will exclude PMI, which produces a lower monthly payment. This is a handy guide to figuring out how much house you can afford. Realize, however, that you must also, as a homeowner, pay your own utilities, including water and sewer service (which, for my house, runs something like $14 per month). Utilities are not factored into this calculator, but many renters already have to pay their own utilities, so a comparison between current rent and prospective mortgage payment is in truth indicative of their likely monthly costs of buying as against renting.

A reader suggested another site that has many types of financial calculators, from mortgages to home equity lines of credit to college savings to retirement accounts. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of any of these calculators, but you may find them useful. I checked the Better Business Bureau website and see no consumer complaints about that website,

[Silhouette map of Newark]Newarkology is a local-history site, frequently added to, that focuses on photographic tours of historic neighborhoods, cemeteries, and the like as they appear today. The first neighborhood tour is of my neighborhood, Vailsburg, the left-pointing 'peninsula' sticking out of the West Side on the silhouette map to the right. The author-photographer has never lived in Newark but in the 'burbs. He nonetheless appreciates the city's history and role in the region. Would that everyone in Newark's suburbs had as appreciative a view of this metropolitan area's center.

[Logo of Old Newark Web Group]Old Newark is a very large collection of information about historic Newark, especially since the arrival of the photograph. The Old Newark Web Group currently consists of Old Newark, Newark Memories, Newark Photos, Newark Talk, and Newark Trivia. It says of itself, "The largest collection of Newark Memories, Images and Information on the Internet!", and I don't doubt it. "Old Newark" is a great resource.

[JerseyPride logo] is a website that seeks to correct the "bad rap" New Jersey gets outside the state, by showing fotos that explode the myths and providing information about famous New Jerseyans and contributions the state has made to various fields.

The JC Board covers Jersey City, Hoboken, and Weehawken (with Newark coming soon), featuring reviews of bars, restaurants, and the latest condo projects, as well as news and weather, and discussion boards about the issues impacting the communities it treats. The Board says, "Looking for something to do in New Jersey? You will always have somewhere to go and fun things to do."

We invite other organizations and websites to ask to be included in this listing. Naturally, we'd appreciate a reciprocal link to the Resurgence City site. Please address inquiries to the Webmaster, L. Craig Schoonmaker:

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